Family Star

Riley Keough was born into a famous family in California on May 29, 1989. Her grandpa was Elvis Presley!

Model Beginnings

Before acting, she was a model. She posed for cool magazines like Vogue and Elle.

Movie Debut

In 2010, Riley started acting in a movie called "The Runaways." It was about a rock band. She played the twin sister of one of the band members.

Big Movies

She acted in "Magic Mike" (2012), where she played a dancer, and "Mad Max: Fury Road" (2015), as one of the Wives.

Great in Indies

Riley did awesome in small movies like "American Honey" (2016). She played a girl who traveled around selling magazines. People loved her acting!

TV Time

Riley also acted on TV. She was in a show called "The Girlfriend Experience." She was a law student who becomes a fancy escort.

Cool Music

She can sing too! Riley sang in a song by a band called Deadly Syndrome.

Helping Others

Riley likes helping. She supports kids' hospitals and groups that fight cancer.

Tattoo Artist

She loves tattoos and even does tattoos for fun!

Elvis' Legacy

Even though she's from a famous family, Riley makes her own way in movies. She's Elvis Presley's granddaughter, which is super cool!