Early Life

Alexandra Daddario was born in New York City on March 16, 1986. Her family comes from Italy, Ireland, and England.

Famous Role

She became well-known for playing Annabeth Chase in the "Percy Jackson" movies, based on cool books.

Acting Runs in the Family

Her brother, Matthew Daddario, is also an actor. He was in a show called "Shadowhunters."

Detective Show

Alexandra was in a TV show called "True Detective" in 2014. Her part got a lot of attention.

Social Media Star

She's on Instagram and Twitter, where she shows parts of her life.

Helps Others

She does good things, like telling people about an illness called multiple sclerosis. She also supports groups that help stop malaria.

Movie Star

Besides "Percy Jackson," she's been in movies like "San Andreas," "Baywatch," and "Texas Chainsaw 3D."

TV Shows

Other than "True Detective," she's been on "White Collar," "American Horror Story: Hotel," and "New Girl."

Nature Lover

Alexandra cares about the environment and talks about climate change.

Likes Yoga

She really enjoys doing yoga, a type of exercise that helps her stay calm and healthy.

No Big Awards Yet

While she hasn't won big awards, people really like her acting.