Billy Porter

He's a famous performer from the USA.

Early Life

He was born on September 21, 1969, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Passion for Performing

He loved performing when he was young.


He went to a special school for the arts in Pittsburgh.

Theater Star

Billy acted in plays and musicals on stage.

Big Break

He became really famous for a role in a musical called "Kinky Boots."


He won a big award called a Tony Award for his role in "Kinky Boots."

Movies and TV

He's also been in movies and TV shows.


He played a character named Pray Tell on a show called "Pose."

Fashion Icon

He wears cool and unique clothes on red carpets.

LGBTQ+ Advocate

He talks about LGBTQ+ rights and fairness for everyone.


He's a good singer and has made albums.

Emmy Award

He won a special award for acting in the show "Pose."

Inspirational Talks

He gives talks that make people feel good about themselves.


He talks about having HIV and helps people understand it better.

Awards Host

He's hosted big award shows like the Oscars.